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Karim for ALLOY


ALLOY METAL TILES : 32 styles, 12 materials + finishes

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Sleek, solid and unrelentingly stylish, ALLOY tiles have changed the face of mosaics by delivering the seductive sheen of metal for interior and exterior surfaces. The metal tile choice of leading architects and designers from around the world, ALLOY was the first and is still the only company to use a solid 1.6mm material punched from a single sheet of the highest quality metal, ensuring an unsurpassed *finish that is designed to last a lifetime.

The unique ALLOY tile sheets, unlike low-grade copies, are long lasting and hardwearing and contain no backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal look-alike 'metallic' coatings so they won't dent, crack or de-laminate.


ALLOY designer Jonathon Worner first developed the idea for a face-mounted, solid metal mosaic tile in 1998 that, until ALLOY's innovative approach, traditional tile manufacturers had been unable to produce. After many months of careful design and rigorous testing in ALLOY's Australian factory - to ensure a seamless finish coupled with long lasting strength and durability - the ALLOY 20x20mm solid, stainless steel, sheeted mosaic tile was complete. ALLOY metal mosiac tiles are now highly sought after, featuring in many high profile commercial and domestic interiors and exteriors around the world.


Our range of metal tiles is now 384 products strong. With our ongoing commitment to design, product innovation and quality manufacture, we offer our authentic solid metal tiles in a variety of metals, alloys, finishes and a striking array of innovative shapes and sizes including:

  • mosaic
  • penny round
  • swiss cross
  • diamond
  • rectangular
  • organic Karim for ALLOY range

To ensure an immaculate finish, each style is accompanied by a full range of installation finishing pieces.

ALLOY is dedicated to provding an unsurpassed service to match our specialised metal tiles, please contact us with any questions or visit the installation + care section of our site. If you'd like design assistance, our Design Director Jonathon Worner will work closely with you to to help find a unique design solution. *finish surface of our beautiful metals are unique and may differ from one batch to another like natural stone and marble from a quarry.

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